Account on your own ability

Change starts the 2nd u decide, not tomorrow morning, not mon and not at the start of a new month!

To make true and lasting change start on! Our brains are wired for comfort and safety, it always tries to keep us comfortable in Familiarity which is why when we decide to make a change, our brains try to put us off to tomorrow or mon! hoping we forget to make the change, 

Or we start AMAZINGLY for a few days, maybe even a  full working week! Your brain is working overload to figure out what is going on with all this new activity and it feels a little overwhelmed, it wants to be sitting watching TV and not working this hard! 

So its starts to create different Mechanisms to get us to stop, it creates self doubt and pulls way back on Enthusiasm for what every task, goal or new challenges we set ourselves, so it can rest, and the slightest hiccup we face, we dose loses as much weight as we thought, someone makes a comment in work about how keen your being or u get a flat tire on your bike ……. Are brains go ….. YESSSSSSSSS we have an out! Let’s go back to the way things were before! Its was safe and comfortable!!  It the brain overwhelms our drive to change and we go ok well I tried, I try again in a few weeks! And ours brains go ahhhh pace is resorted!

You see it takes 28 days straight to change a habit and 90 days to reprogram the brain that our new habits is in our comfort zone, once u do this than u could run 10miles a day before Breakfast , be so Productive in work u have a weeks work of work done in 3 days, and u start to really crave healthy food! Our brains just need a wee tweak! 

This is why we all start out all set to take over the world on a mon and on thus, it’s a taxi home and calling for a takeaway on route.

The science is that our brains are hardwired to be our best friends and worst enemies  all at the same time! 

It just want us to be safe and comfortably.

Working with me on this 6 week program I’ll help to silence  the part of the brain that says STOP! By building up to succeed , this is not a IF EATS A BUGER YOU’LL BE A BURGER!


Because  I come for school, that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! U will find me at times having a double cheeseburger  with extra cheese and onions  just because! 

This 6 week quest and beyond is simply celebrating  the wins and identifying the slip ups, and if u fall off the waggon  as we all to form time to time, not only will I catch u but I’ll also have a ladder  help u back on the wagon as soon as u fall off, so to don’t ohhhh well I’ll try again on mon and then Monday rolls in to 3 months have past and another few start stops happen and a year has passed and u are still in the same spot as u started, and then it’s EVEN more difficult  to rewire our brains to change!

With me, I’ll help u take accountability  for the highs and lows, so u can  your brain to success in whatever u are looking to do.

We’ll have weekly or twice weekly zooms, and if you want to join one of the groups of small team teams cheering  each other on! 

Because Team Work really does make the Dream work! 

I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt many times over, as I’m sure u have to, so lets be the change we want to see within Ourselves  together! 

Drop me a line TODAY!! Not on Mon! lol

And I’ll show you how u can account 100% on your own ability  !