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the Why don't you coaching program

Hello and welcome to my why don’t you coaching programme. it does exactly what it says on the tin, have you got a goal a dream an aspiration? Then why don’t you go for it.

So many times we are the problem that we get in our own way and stop ourselves achieving our true potential, we’re the ones who have the little voice in our heads saying don’t just be content with what you’ve got don’t try coz you’ll probably fail and how could you ever do that anyway.

There is nothing more amazing than human beings. We have flown to the moon and back, we have built skyscrapers, we created language and civilizations, people here are born without limbs and can run marathons, people who lose their sight can paint the most beautiful pictures and I can’t read write or spell but I travelled the world for work and have created 3 amazingly transformational programmes that change lives, relationships and help create superhumans.

Like most fancy smartphones that we own we only use 10% of the phone’s capability and that’s very similar to humans – we only use a limited slither of our skills and abilities to succeed in life because we don’t even think we’re capable of more. We dance on the hamster wheel of life because it’s safe content and familiar, so why would I get off?

I went to school where a boy in my first careers class said he wanted to be a drug dealer when he left school and when asked where he was going to get the money from he replied government benefits. This boy  got more teacher respect than me – a child who despite everything had clear dreams goals and aspirations for myself. You see I didn’t know at that point what I wanted to do but I wanted to be an actor, a teacher or an interior decorator or TV presenter. This particular teacher laughed at me which encouraged the rest of the class to laugh at me but in the back of my head I thought, well we’ll see. Everything I’ve wanted to do in some way shape or form I have done and done incredibly successfully. You see I had a sliding doors moment.

I very easily could have done nothing with my life or cancelled my dreams because as my teacher said people like you need to have realistic expectations in life. What do you want to do as a career?  Now other people in our lives may have created very limited belief systems in our subconscious because they had limited beliefs for themselves. They may even have worried that you would do better than they did so let’s cast doubt on your beliefs or dreams and abilities for yourself. A lot of the time subconsciously it’s fear that stops us fulfilling any dream and desire that we have – fear that we might fail, fear that someone may laugh or we won’t do it as good as somebody else, but guess what at times you will fail, there will be people doing it better than you, and of course there will be people that laugh at you. The difference is becoming titanium to the surroundings around you and keeping going no matter who says what, having complete faith in whatever you’re going to do whether it works or not will get you closer to the endgame an goal that you have in mind.

The life that you want to lead for yourself and the life that you want for your family, so don’t worry about other people only worry about yourself. Let me ask you one more time why don’t you dream and follow and grasp your dreams goals and aspirations. There’s only one person that is standing in your way and it’s not the naysayers, it’s you. So why don’t you join me and on weekly wonder ones we can build your titanium Armour so strong so thick and so shiny that you will blind your critics with your strength par UN glow that comes off you from your insides out.

Become your very own Superman or Wonder Woman – walk into this programme  as yourself, come out as the ultimate version of yourself .

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Nope it’s you reaching your goals dreams and aspirations in life so one more time why don’t you …? 

Please drop me a line and let’s see what we can do together because my favourite saying of all time is teamwork makes the dream work.

I look forward to chatting to you very soon all the very best of wishes

love Marcus