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There is more STRENGTH in numbers, than ALONE!

Sometimes all u need is a little helping hand to hone your idea or help u craft out what is your master plan!

So within the U = Can Network there will be someone or maybe a few different likeminded BIG Dreamers who are further along their road of life and can help with advice or share some other knowledge and wisdom – at some point EVERYONE was at the same point u are now!

And how amazing knowing there is a global network of experts at your fingertips, to answer any question u may have. 


As whatever u are going to ask has already been asked 1000 times before! Those who ask will get the answers and move forward, but those who don’t stay where they are. Our lives are like steam trains always moving forward and fuelling the engine of life with knowable, creative thinking and self-development!

Our mission is to be a full-time fuel supplier for the world’s engines!

This may be as simple as a few zoom chats and a virtual coffee to answer your questions,

To a few coaching sessions to help u formulate a strategy to ask the big questions and put a new life action plan together!

Or u may want to do some deep diving into self-development.

We are 100% here to assist u with whatever u need! Our goal is to reach out and help in a positive way 100,000 people over a few years!

We can help u formulate a life action plan and the fact that u are reading this means u are ready!!

We have many in-house experts in many different fields spanning the entire globe!  So there will be NOTHING we can’t figure out together!

With one to one coaching, advice, courses or downloads to listen to when u are on the move and access to the world’s most incredible personal development minds!

We have scholarship programs available, because Marcus the founder knows what it’s like to be broke with a bigger dream than where u are at the moment … u don’t need to know all the answers … we have them! U just need to know how to ask for them!

There is NOTHING holding u back now … except U! SO DREAM BIG and we will make it happen!

It’s simple U = CAN do anything u want to do, although sometimes we all need a helping hand, WE = CAN do it together, so U = CAN fly solo and say YES I = CAN!