Many successful people know that it was like at the start, having a dream or idea and not the tools skill set or funds to get it starts,

When you work pay check to pay check and there is more month left at the end of your wages than money, its very hard to turn your dreams into reality! I HATE that a few 100 pounds or a web designer stands in the way of so many people, living there dream live vers existing in a life that’s not meant for them!

And I know if u are doing well now and anything like me u will know what it is like to have to claim a snow caped mention, with no aids or help to reach the other side, yet see so many who can afford the train ticket to travel throw the mountain instead of over it! Now we still reached the other side but imagine how great it would be if u could give someone the ticket  throw the mountain?

Many people cant with all the best will in the world cant get over the mountain, because life has changes around there ankles, they are only bread winner, kids, lack of faith in them themselves because no one every said u can do it, u are amazing, a lack of knowledge and on and on!

Donate and get involved

Simply donating to this page will help unlock the changes of life and give someone the ticket to jump on the train and change there life and the lives of everyone around them!

Donation gives people free assesses to courses, mentorships, skill sharing, or even simple strategy advice to give a helping hand in life at a time where it could be make or break for them, u may never met them, I may never met them, but I’ll sleep happy at night knowing some where in the world I have made someones life better!

Please give something from £5 to £50’000+ it all adds up and the more people like u that donate the bigger the change in the world The U = CAN NETWORK can make

Our mission is to be a full-time fuel supplier for the world’s engines!

  • This may be as simple as a few zoom chats and a virtual coffee to answer your questions,
  • To a few coaching sessions to help u formulate a strategy to ask the big questions and put a new life action plan together!
  • Or u may want to do some deep diving into self-development.
  • Need equipment, project assistance, website, marketing, business management
  • Looking for partnerships or form a joined venture
  • Family or relationship support
  • Connect with a network of experiences and skilled individuals

We are 100% here to assist u with whatever u need! Our goal is to reach out and help in a positive way 100,000 people over a few years!

We can help u formulate a life action plan and the fact that u are reading this means u are ready!!

We have many in-house experts in many different fields spanning the entire globe!  So there will be NOTHING we can’t figure out together!

With one to one coaching, advice, courses or downloads to listen to when u are on the move and access to the world’s most incredible personal development minds!

We have scholarship programs available, because Marcus the founder knows what it’s like to be broke with a bigger dream than where u are at the moment … u don’t need to know all the answers … we have them! U just need to know how to ask for them!


All my love Marcus