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Random Acts of Kindness

Your participation makes dreams come true

You Could Change Someone’s Life Forever With A Random Act of Kindness

This is reliant on the kindness of strangers!  

I know only too well the frustrations of … if only I had the money for a website, or I would love to take part in this course but I don’t have the £300 to do it, and when you are living pay cheque to pay cheque then £20 can seem like a lot.

If you can please donate what ever U Can to help someone you may never meet, safe in the knowledge you have changed a life for the better somewhere in the world!

There will of course be regular updates from the grateful many who got a kick start.

WE = CAN make a difference so WHY NOT?

Please help me help a stranger’s dreams come true and hear them say I=CAN!

All my love and THANKS

Marcus xx


I have put some of my own money into the pot to get started, but I am no Daddy Warbucks lol so this is where the beauty of The U = CAN Network kicks in!!!

It’s a really simple idea, we are all sharing the love with each other, if you find you have a few spare dollars in your pocket anything from £5 to £5,000, you can gift it to our Found a Friend Scholarship or add into the entrepreneur start up scholarship program. I am sure you can remember what it was like to have £200 off starting your dream?

The Found a Friend Scholarship works on a very easy system, a kind donor pops into the pot!  And someone like Francois who lives in the south of France and bought a French lavender field 6 months ago, and harvested the most beautiful crop.

Francois cycles around the nearby villages to sell this lavender in the local markets and makes enough to keep his lights on. Francois trades lavender with a local restaurant for some wine and cheese.

He needs a website built so he can sell his lavender all over the world, but he is in rural France, he has limited funds and no access to any Tech experts. Luckily Sara who works from home in the US and is in The  U = CAN  Network is a web designer. So Francois applies for the scholarship fund, Sara can build the website, 2 weeks later Francois has a website and Sara has been paid by The U = CAN Network.

A year later Francois has bought a second field and a little van and sells his lavender far and wide. He made enough to buy his own wine and cheese, and gives free lavender to the restaurant as a Thank You for feeding him when they could have easily picked it for free in the next field.

He also bought a ring and a flight to the US. Sara and Francois kept in touch and fell in love and now Francois is off to propose.

A year later they are married with a baby on the way and 20 lavender fields. It just took that little helping hand from the kind donors in The U= CAN Network to give someone a leg up and see their dreams come true. Francois was so grateful he gifted £10,000 back into the pot! Many other people can now be helped out and so the act of giving forward always feeds the needs of others.

From those who get help and those in The U = CAN Network who have offered their skills and get paid work, it’s all one big circle of grateful love and helping another person.

Now that was obviously a hypothetical love story (what can I say I am a romantic at heart) but you see how it works.

The Scholarship Fund is there to help ANYONE who needs a hand. From getting a website built, getting a copywriter to write your website text, a logo designed, registering their new business, that 1st set of stock or the supplies to create and turn your passion project into something U = CAN sell it. If you need it we can help cover the cost of the small silly things that are stopping you taking the next step!

I also want to offer a one-off annual subscription to self-development programs and networks. I am a member of the Incredible Mind Valley Network and it has truly transformed my life for the better and if I could gift 100,000 people a year’s free membership to the likes of the Mind Valley Network who have 100s of the world TOP transformative leaders sharing their knowledge, imagine 100,000 people all over the world operating at their highest potential with gratitude in their heart how different the world will become!

So as simple as helping one person you get one to one coaching. Being a member of one of our global group coaching programs, we have coaches ready and willing to share their skills all over the world!