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About Us

Our passion is your success

Our Founder

Hi I am Marcus Hunter-Neill and I am so excited to be here today. As a gay entrepreneur, life and business coach, motivational speaker,   and performer who has graced the stage, TV and radio more than once. My story didn’t start as glamorous as most think. It took hard work.

Due to my dyslexia and constant bullying as a child in school because of my condition and also because I am gay. Life was not easy and I left school. With no formal qualifications, I had to face my dark hours with courage and the ambition to succeed.

Over the years I worked harder than most. I thought I was the only one who had to go through life like this. I was so wrong.I changed my mind and and my vibration. I promised myself that when I succeed, I will help others through life. I will tell my story to inspire and motivate others.

I developed a program that worked for me and now I share my skills, techniques and knowledge with other . 

Let me show you a whole new world of positive opportunities, success and strength that will withstand all storm life through at you. You hold the key to a better future. Together we are stronger .

Mission & Vision

The u=can network is a collective network of successful entrepreneurs, medical professionals, business specialist, counselors, coaches, IT and website designers, marketing specialist and so much more. The one thing we all have in common is we are gay and have shared similar journeys. 

Our mission and vision is to help, support and empower others wanting to succeed in life and in business. Your success is our goal and we work together as one to help guide, inspire and motivate you to achieve all your goals and aspirations in life.

Advanced networking at its best

We bring highly specialised people with skills, experiences and passion together under one platform to help you make your dreams a reality for free. The U=Can Network provides community members a one stop solution to make your dreams a reality. Whether you are starting up a business and need help starting up business coaching or website design or marketing . Or your feeling lost and need someone to guide you back to a better state of being. Or you are looking for a therapist or counsellor. There is no limit to the to your needs or wants. We have someone within our network that cant help you in some form or another. Get Involved today.
Means Your Strength Could Be Someone Else’s Weakness And Vice Versa. It Is Not About What School You Went To Or Didn’t, It’s A Collective Shared Space For Knowledge, Growth And Support For A Global Family. Many Of The People Will Be Here Because Of Taking Part In My Thought Leader Coaching Courses and Have Created Your Ever Growing Ever Changing Tree Of Life, Because as you grow and Change So Will Your Tree Of Life… The World And Life Is Ever Evolving So As Humans We Need To As Well! U= CAN change with ease.

Meet our team

I Had Zero Education And I Learnt Everything I needed to know about navigating through life after I Left School. School Teaches Us How To Read, Right, Spell And Count… BUT It Does Not Teach Us How To Live Fully And Tap Into Our Biggest Resource – US!!

YOU, ME, WE So I Have Set This Up So We Can Learn From And Support Each Other Anywhere In The World, At Any Time, Different Times Zones, so it May Mean a little Wait On A Reply depending on what time zone you are in, But Hey Rome Was Not Built In A Day!

PLEASE Never Be Afraid To Ask A Question! In My Primary School My 2 Teachers Drummed Into Me U= CAN Do Anything You Want U=CAN Be Anything You Want & U= CAN Be Whoever You Want SO CAN YOU! BECAUSE U = CAN & If You’re Struggling Then Together WE= CAN Help So U= CAN Say I = CAN!!

The Power Is Inside Every Single One Of Us, We Just Have To Believe We Possess It!