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Meet Marcus

How big are your dreams

The Warmest of Welcomes

HELLO 👋 From Sunny


 Belfast Northern Ireland.

 I truly hope this finds 

you safe and well. 

I’m Marcus,

 and I am 

living the dream 

1 setback at a time!



I know only too well what it’s like to have NOTHING!

No electricity, no heat and no food in the cupboard (because I could not even afford a fridge).

And believe it or not I would come home from work, be lying fully dressed under 2 blankets listening to the rain tap against my window, but I’d still be saying thank u to the universe, thank u that I had a dry house to be in, thank u I had a door to lock to keep me safe! And thank u for keeping my spirit alive to dream big and a drive to succeed!

So I know what it’s like to have a dream and a drive and no money! So I’m here to HELP U!

I truly believe my sole purpose on this earth is to help others and to be honest I love it, helping people is like a drug to me!


I’ve always worked with others in the way of coaching, mentoring and developing their own self-belief, without realising what I was doing, as it comes so naturally to me! (I thought everyone was like me!)

However education did not come naturally to me at all, u see I can’t read, write, spell or count (I know I’m a catch!).  But I can listen, communicate and create magic, I can spot an underdog from a 1000 paces away!

You see I was that underdog, at the hands of an entire school including some teachers, I would be beaten and spat on daily, urinated over, degraded and mocked! Simply for being different! (a difference that living in Northern Ireland even in my mid 30s would still be holding me back!) I happen to be gay! But they never broke me!  Which is why my life’s
mission is to help build up and protect as many people as I can!

And I Am A Proud Campaigner For Children And NSPCC Who Helped Me In The Past!

I’m blessed to come from an incredible family and feel I have inherited the best of my wonderful parents and beloved grandparents.

I effortlessly and automatically am drawn to those who are in need of a friend or a helping hand. I have been lucky to have a voice and never afraid to use it when needed, even when others have said don’t it could hurt your career and it did, I can’t be me and if not me who?? I have made history many times over, given TEDtalks, performed for royalty and always done it all with joy in my heart and a bounce in my step!  My career has been varied, I started off working in special needs, but life had bigger plans for me than I could have.

Over the years people I’ve taken many under my wing who have gone on to do incredible things, with great confidence and passion. U see all they needed was someone to believe in them and tell them U = CAN do it!

I have only realised recently that I have this gift and magic inside and now I do I want to take u under my wing and watch u fly. My dream is to see as many people as possible know how INCREDIBLY AMAZING they are, reach their full potential and my life’s calling is to help anyone with a dream to reach it!  I want to positively help the lives of a 100,000 people and then some over the next few years and then more and more, so let’s do it together.

I want to not only give a man a fish but give them the ocean and their own boat so they can not only feed their families but also the city they live in!

Dream big and you will be surprised what can happen!  I was written off by my educators, I spent years in the shadows of the limiting beliefs others had for me and didn’t listen to my own intuition, but THANKFULLY I woke up. Yes I have had crippling dyslexia and I have always had to clamber up waterfalls to get where I am today, ( and trust me I still have a ways to go lol)

BUT If I=CAN do it … then U=CAN and if u need a hand, WE = CAN do it together!

For the human race to stand on the moon or fly, it took just one thought, so Change Your Mind, Change Your Vibe and YOU WILL Change Your LIFE!

Marcus cover pic

All my love and best wishes Marcus x x

Get assistance and support TODAY!

Getting help has never been as easy as now. The U=CAN NETWORK can help with subsidised assistance or free assistance. We take care of the finances where we can so you can make your dreams a reallity