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The Tree of Life

The tree of life what if we looked at our lives as a tree the deeper the roots the taller the branches and the stronger the core.

In the tree of life programme we take a deep dive at 20 two different aspects of our lives and by the end of it we have the most detailed life plan that you and probably anybody you know has about where they are in life where they want to get to and how they’re going to get there.

This is such an incredible exploration old what are tree core values, beliefs and goals.

Imagine if you could write your own script for life well looking so deeply at these core 22 aspects of your life we’ll show you how you can rewrite the script if you’ve gone off course a bit.

If you think of your whole life like a tree one branches health one branch is fitness 1 branch could be finance one branch could be love 1 branch could be family, at anyone time if there is a storm in life a branch or two could break, but just like in nature branches do grow back, even if the tree blows completely over the roots are still deep enough that you branches grow bigger better thicker and stronger, because once anything breaks and repairs itself it’s stronger than it was before, so in this programme the tree of life you will get to deep dive find out are you on the right course or do you need just a little readjustment to get back on track to reach all of your goals and aspirations in life, the nature of the tree of life is no two trees are ever identical so your own tree of life will be completely different to your friends and your families he probably have never gone this deep into their own lives Anne we all tend to find comfort in coasting along it’s safe it feels comfortable we don’t really need to look left or right we just stay on the hamster wheel and 30 years later we’ve not reached our full potential or we have not gone for that job we kept meaning to moved here country we really wanted to or tick that adventure trip that we’ve promised ourselves for 30 years,

it doesn’t matter what stage of life you come to the tree of life programme you can still make amazing changes unfair for your life’s plan that you had for yourself, dream as big as you can dream and together we will try to get you to the moon and back try again, this is a perfect programme if you find yourself in slight Limbo whether it’s Limbo in work your love relationships or friendships should I start my own business or should I just stay where I am, this programme will help give you total clarity in life.

it’s amazing programme to do for yourself but equally an incredible programme to do as a partnership so that you know what each others true hopes desires and dreams are so that you’re 2 trees can stand side by side protecting each other and shielding each other from any storms that may come your way!

You will be armed with the most incredible kit for life that anyone could ever possibly have because it’s your individual dream book drive and accountability for your own life.

You’ll be surprised how quickly change happens when you look at your life in black and white answering four very simple questions in every 22 category it’s not a difficult programme they’re not difficult questions but they have incredible results for transforming your life forever. 

So, I would love to help you you design the life of your dreams by answering four very simple questions so please drop me a line today don’t wait to Monday don’t wait for a new month underway to next year drop me a message today and we could get cracking on this tomorrow.

All the very best of wishes 

Marcus Hunter-Neill